Sunday, January 20, 2013


I've been looking for a todo app that fits my workflow.  It must...

  • Work across my devices
  • Allow me to do GTG style task tracking
  • Make it easy to categorise tasks HOW I WANT TO 

You would think it would be simple.  Indeed there are many apps that fit the first 2 categories but the last one is a killer and it seems that most task apps force you to organise your tasks by date (which is pointless when you have a calendar to do that) or priority (which is also pointless because priorities change according to your context).

However, Rob Lally recommended todo.text and it seems to fit the bill nicely.  It uses simple text files to store tasks and dropbox to sync them up between devices.  You also have a command line interface to enter and manage tasks and because it's just text you can sort, search, chop and change using normal UNIX tools.

I used the homebrew package to get started.  It doesn't work out of the box (for version 2.9m at least) but the instructions at did the trick.  

One little gotcha - when you change the home location in the cfg file to point at dropbox, make sure you comment out line 5 which sets the location to the install directory.

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