Sunday, July 14, 2013

Clojure Course in Edinburgh on 7 September

I'm pleased to announce that my Clojure Kickstart course will be held at Neo's offices at TechCube in Edinburgh on the 7th of September 2013.  This course is aimed at beginners and improvers who want to learn Clojure or push their existing skills on to the next level.  

Tickets are now available at for £30.  Just to be clear, the fee is intended to cover costs and anything extra I make will be invested back into making the course even better.

The course will be heavily based on practical exercises.  You will learn...
  • The basic syntax and usage of Clojure
  • The core elements of the Clojure ecosystem
  • What sort of problems are people solving with Clojure in the real world
  • How to make the paradigm shift from Object Oriented to Functional Programming
  • Parallel/multi-threaded Clojure programming and Clojure's transactional memory model
Although Clojure is in its infancy in Scotland, the London community is very strong and I am  delighted to welcome London Clojurian Malcolm Sparks ( to Edinburgh as guest facilitator.  

Malcolm will be on hand to help you with the exercises and this is a rare opportunity to get a full-time Clojure programmer's insight on how you can improve your Clojure and Functional programming.  He will also be giving a talk on how Clojure is used in the real-world that will take us all beyond the texbook and into the trenches.

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